Urbanization and densification are unstoppable. By 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in cities, creating enormous needs for mobility solutions and infrastructure. And to think that 75% of the infrastructure needed in 2050 has not even been planned or built yet! At the same time, the rising middle class of the emerging markets is still longing for individual mobility. As a result, the number of cars today will probably double by 2030. We all know the consequences: congestion with a negative impact on urban economic, social and ecological environment, as well as costs amounting to up to 4% of world’s GDP.

To avoid a total collapse, urban space needs to be revaluated. Urban stakeholders have to find ways to use space smarter and more efficient. And Urban Standards helps with achieving just that.


Help integration of on demand mobility solutions in cities

1. We detect and define relevant target areas with limits to growth  

2. We estimate their potential to reduce infrastructure and parking costs or unlock space for real estate

3. We forecast the acceptance of on-demand mobility solutions by using dynamic simulations

4. We shape new mobility offers by defining the right level of service, revenue and cost structures, and appropriate organizational structures. We help to reduce mobility related costs.


Support with setting up strategic partnerships

1. We identify urban stakeholders who benefit from new mobility solutions (Cities, REDs, OEMs)

2. We establish the most suitable form of collaboration between public and private stakeholders, e.g. Public Private Partnerships

3. We guide the development process between relevant stakeholders and investors

4. We structure and manage the partnership to balance costs and benefits and create synergetic potential



Monitor operations and optimize the system

1. We build tools to monitor the operations of the newly introduced mobility solutions 

2. We identify optimization potential along the innovation cycle of mobility providers

3. We introduce smart and autonomous technology in urban environments in incremental steps

4. We increase planning and investment security for all stakeholders (cities, real estate developers, mobility providers)

Create investment

1. We outline new and profitableinvestment opportunities for the real estate industry and third party investors

2. We support successful asset management by decreasing investment costs and increasing the value of mobility optimized real estate

3. We contribute to investments in sustainable mobility solutions for cities



Our portfolio includes a variety of international projects:


Integrated Mobility Planning


Customized Mobility Experience: International Olympic Committee (co-authorship with MiC)

Urban Future Partnerships: Assembly Row, Union Square, Santa Fe (co-authorship with MiC)

Hamad Medical Center, Doha: Hamad Medical Corporation (partnered with Helix Centre, Kupferwerk, Schindler, IAV, Serva, QMIC, ETH Zürich, Audi)


Analysis, Research and Strategy


City Dossier Boston: Audi Urban Future Initiative (Lead: Höwler Yoon Architecture)

Urban Planning And Technologies: Academic course in Urban Planning and Technology at IAAC 

Urban Stereotypes (Examples: Boston, Berlin, Milano): AUDI AG

Smart Windows Market Entry Strategy: Merck (partnered with Sign)

The Future of Interaction: AUDI AG

Drivers of our Urban Future: Audi Urban Future Initiative

Extreme Cities with Columbia University, New York: Audi Urban Future Initiative (Lead: Columbia University, New York)


Spatial Research and Typologies


Smart Glass Design Potentials: Merck (partnered with Sign)

OLED Lighting Building Integration: Merck (partnered with Sign)


Curation of urban competitions


Audi Urban Future Award in Venice (2010), featuring Alison Brooks Architects, BIG, Cloud 9, J. Mayer H. Architects , Standardarchitecture (exhibition design: raumlaborberlin, graphic design: Sign)

Audi Urban Future Initiative in New York City (2011), partner of New Museum, Festival of New Ideas, featuring Leong Leong, Matter Practice, Abruzzo Bodziak Architects, labDORA und THEVERYMANY (co-curated with Architizer/ exhibition design: nkbak; graphic design: Sign)

Audi Urban Future Award in Istanbul (2012) featuring Höweler + Yoon Architecture, Superpool, CRIT, NODE and Urban-Thank Tank. (exhibition design: nkbak, graphic design: Sign)

Audi Urban Future Award in Berlin (2014) featuring teams from Berlin, Boston, Seoul and Mexico City

Rights Of Way, Boston Society Of Architects (lead curator: MILLIGRAM-office, exhibition design: Höweler + Yoon Architecture and MILLIGRAM-office, graphics: MGMT. design


Thought Leadership


Displaying Futures Conferences in Taipeh, Tokio, Seoul, Shanghai, San Francisco (2011 – 2015): Merck

Volkswagen Culture Wave: Volkswagen Group China

Mapping Emotion. Telling Stories about Spaces: HERE

Audi Urban Future Initiative Summit, Frankfurt (2011)

Audi Urban Future Initiative (since 2010) (still operating under the name of the mother company Stylepark)





Urban Standards is an interdisciplinary team of analysts, architects, mobility and urban planners, strategic consultants, and software developers with 15 years of experience in their fields.

Christian Gärtner CEO & Founder  

Christian Gärtner
CEO & Founder

Mahoni Buchelt Controlling  

Mahoni Buchelt

Julius Streifeneder Head of Urban Planning &  Architecture

Julius Streifeneder
Head of Urban Planning & 

Sophie Stigliano Director  

Sophie Stigliano

Dr. Kathrin DiPaola Head of Market & Customer Intelligence

Dr. Kathrin DiPaola
Head of Market & Customer

Sebastian Taraz Head of Business Development & Strategy

Sebastian Taraz
Head of Business Development &

Monika Bayer Team Assistance  

Monika Bayer
Team Assistance

Mirko Franzoi Traffic Planning  

Mirko Franzoi
Traffic Planning

Amélie Wedhorn Head of Smart City Cooperations  

Amélie Wedhorn
Head of Smart City Cooperations

Pia Blessing Business Development & Strategy

Pia Blessing
Business Development &

Sebastian Riegelbauer Research & Tools  

Sebastian Riegelbauer
Research & Tools

Yulika Zebuhr Smart City Cooperations  

Yulika Zebuhr
Smart City Cooperations




Urban Standards has a unique network of partners in automotive, mobility, real estate, architecture, design, academia and research.




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